About Yoga

colorful-aura-all-chakras-bodyThe West has come to know yoga as a recreational exercise to stay fit. However, in the East, yoga has been used as a  preventive therapy to manage lifestyle related disorders for thousands of years. It takes years of studying the Vedic sciences, applying the knowledge to chronic ailments in hospital settings, and research work  to become a doctor and an expert in using yoga as a mind-body therapy. Yet, even yoga as a mind-body therapy, cannot be a replacement for allopathic medicine. It can work in concert with it to enhance and better utilize the body’s and mind’s healing abilities.
From the yogic point of view, our existence is not limited to the physical body alone. There are more subtle bodies where our vital energy, mind, emotions, and intellect abide. The yogic sciences believe that the root cause of many disorders lies in the subtle bodies and the effects ripple down to manifest themselves in the physical body as an infirmity. Rather than treating the symptoms, which are valuable indications, yoga as a mind-body therapy seeks to uproot the causes in the subtle bodies.

Yoga’s Approach to Health?
The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual well being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.” We use this as our principal guideline in our approach to coaching for better health and well being. We encourage you to watch the 16 minutes video tape on our home page that has been published by the National Institute of Health. The video will explain how yoga helps as a mind body therapy and the results of the scientific studies that have been conducted in this field.