Our Limitations

In spite of overwhelming scientific data in favor of yoga as a mind body medicine, many states, including the state of North Carolina, still don’t offer proper licensing to yoga therapists. This limits our services.

Basically, we can teach you practices to help you better manage your disorder and guide you on ways to uproot their cause. This will often involve coaching you on making certain lifestyle modifications, changes, or improvements. However, we are not licensed to prescribe medications, make any changes to your existing prescription, diagnose your ailment or medically treat them. Only your medical doctor can do those.  Yet, we are confident that our training and coaching if practiced properly, will complement your existing medical treatment and improve your quality of life dramatically.

If you are in favor of natural and holistic medicine, we encourage you to read the articles about ‘natural health freedom laws’ that we have listed in the LIBRARY page of our site and voice your support for it.